Monday, January 9, 2012

new year, new movie - Damadol

2012 is here...... and it's a new year at the movies.......
Bangla Cinema has seen a lot of breakthroughs in the recent past.
The scenario looks promising in general.
And hence, here's a look at some of the fresh faces.......

Some are known faces, some are much loved because of their work on television, some are brand new..... these are the members of the cast of a new film that is likely to entertain us this year. It is good to see fresh talents, fresh endeavours, fresh takes...... what encourages me most, as a viewer, is the fact that the makers of films are bouncing off new ideas, newer grounds are attempted to be explored. Some may have been successful, and others may have failed, yet - at this juncture - there can be nothing more exciting than looking ahead, with a lot of hope, and even a little trepidation, and setting the goals right. Kudos to all who are taking small or giant strides this year........!!!!

Filming in progress: 'Damadol'
[Hope to catch more on the film soon!]
The principal cast of 'Damadol' comprises of:
Samadarshi, Ritabhari, Shaheb, Rajdeep, Anindita & Gunjan.
Here's wishing this zany romance directed by Manoj Michigan all the best.

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